Two Calypso Chords for Guitar Players

We love bringing our music to you, and thought it would be great to give some playing tips for musicians at home. This one is for guitar players. Interested in playing some calypso? Here’s a two chord vamp often played by the Talbot Brothers that’ll bring island breezes straight through your living room …


3 5 5 4 X X
5 5 4 5 X X

(X = mute string)

Over the chords, put this Bermudian rhythm:


The slap falls on the third downward strum and is played by just strumming across all of the strings while relaxing the grip on the chording hand (which mutes the pitch of the strings). Keep the groove of the 8 strums in the measure. The slap sounds like a snare drum when you do it right. You can also drop the outer side of your strumming hand on the strings (kind of a karate chop) as the pick passes on the strings, to augment the effect. Note that the first and third down strums are stronger.

And if G major is not a good key for you to sing with, just move it up or down.

Check back for more playing tips and ideas to work on … have fun …

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